ENSCI On-line Drawing course


I had a drawing course at the ENSCI run by Claire Malrieux. The goal of the course was to think about drawing as a tool to express ourselves on a specific theme which this semester was the Money.

My work was a reflection about how money was a mechanical and mathematical system that we juxtapose to our human sensibility, and that it couldn't work causing an alienation of our sensible selves. 


To express that feeling, I chose to do portrait with my CNC, by processing image to get my G-code which is just a series of numbers till I recomposed that to get my portrait, a deconstruction/reconstruction of someone through mathematical steps. I chose Boris Karloff's Frankeinstein as a subject because this character embodies the fear of what science can do when it applies to human being, and the monstrosity that results.

To show the movement of reconstruction of the portrait, I decided to project a simulation of the G-code being drawn through a semi-transparent plexiglass sheet.